A Homeowner’s Guide in Bidding Goodbye to Termite Blues

Small but unforgiving, termites can cause the destruction of any home. So whether you are a seasoned home builder or a soon-to-be homeowner who wants the best for their dream house, it’s vital to look for ways to protect your future abode from termite infestation the moment you start planning its construction. To guide you on your way to building a termite-proof home, here are some of the quick tips and tricks you’d find handy:

building a solid foundationPest Control Newcastle Tip 1: Reduce Wood-Soil Contact

Just like other organisms, termites need their basic necessities to survive and multiply. Believe it or not, studies show that around 90% of termite infestation during construction is due to wooden materials that come in contact with soil. Hence, when you are building a home with pest control in mind, it’s crucial that you clear your construction area and eliminate wood-soil contact as much as you can. This way, termites won’t be able to thrive and survive in your area.

Pest Control Newcastle Tip 2: Build a Strong Foundation

In comparison to slabs, bricks, and blocks, building your foundation on concrete is ideal as it’s the least penetrable material. However, it’s important to note that termites can sneak their way into your home through small cracks, expansion joints and tiny openings around your plumbing area. Nonetheless, you should never lose hope! Make sure your concrete is prepared and durable so it won’t entertain cracks and tiny holes for the years to come. Likewise, secure your plumbing’s openings and joints. This way, pest control is preventative

Pest Control Newcastle Tip 3: Be More Defensive

Being a vigilant homeowner can ensure the safety of your house from infestations. Pest control can be more efficient with physical barriers that can be placed under your concrete foundation. With stainless steel or crushed rock as your added defense, you can be sure that termites won’t infest your home.

By building a solid foundation, you can bid goodbye to termite blues and secure your home’s integrity for decades. Remember, there is no substitute for being a cautious homeowner who shields their home with the best defensive foundations.