Efficient pest control is integral in every household. Nonetheless, not everything you hear about pest control may necessarily be true, especially since there many myths that have already been proven wrong by science. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important that you debunk some of the myths that keep you from living in a pest-free home. After all, you and your family are always better safe than sorry. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important that you debunk some of the myths that keep you from living in a pest-free home. After all, you and your family are always better safe than sorry.

debunking pest control misconceptions

Pests don’t thrive in clean homes.

Specialists in pest control in Newcastle suggest that it is always better to live in a clutter-free home since it lessens risk for infestation. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a clean home is already pest-proof. While cockroaches prefer dirty homes, other pests like bed bugs can survive in any space inhabited by humans.

Since they are blood-sucking in nature, they can do well in a de-cluttered home, so it is still important for homeowners to watch out and take extra pest control measures.

All pest control methods are created equal.

While it may be tempting not to ask for professional help, Newcastle pest control experts emphasize the importance of having a home evaluation since pest control measures can vary from one house to another. By asking for help from professionals, you can expect a strategic plan targeted to your home’s specific needs.

A concrete slab guarantees a termite-proof home.

We can only wish that building your house on a concrete slab will keep the termite blues at bay because, in reality, it won’t. Even though your house is made up of bricks and concrete, you still have to use wooden frames to keep your home standing. Since termites are pros in tunneling, they can easily find a way to your home through small cracks on your concrete slab. Therefore, it’s vital to ask advice from experts in Newcastle pest control if you want to tighten your home’s pest control measures.

Bed bugs are easy to eliminate.

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are amongst the most difficult pests to eradicate. In fact, several treatments on the infested area may be needed to fully take best bugs out of the picture. This depends on the severity of the infestation and the treatment options your specialists in pest control in Newcastle will recommend you, so it’s best that you ask them for professional advice first.

Bed bugs are invincible.

It is true that some bed bugs are almost invincible to the naked eye. However, adult bed bugs are around a quarter inch in size, making them fairly noticeable household pests. Also, reddish brown dots on beddings and mattresses are signs of infestation as this is fecal matter left behind by these pests.

Pest control is unnecessary unless you see a pest.

Spotting pests and calling for help may be crucial in maintaining the integrity of your house, but unfortunately, this isn’t the best time to ask for professional help. According to experts in Newcastle pest control, homeowners should take an active role in securing their house since pests breed in silence. Once you see visible pests lurking around your house, it already means that your pest problem is bigger than it looks like.

Hence, it is important to have regular inspections even without visible signs of infestation so the problem can be controlled at an early phase.

Pest control poses health risks.

While some pest control methods involve the use of strong chemicals, pest control services in Newcastle provide a range of options for homeowners. By contacting a professional, you can explore your options and eliminate health risks along the way while securing your home.

Controlling pests in your home may be challenging, but by learning some of the facts about keeping pests off your home, you can heighten your chance of getting a good night’s sleep, minus the bed bugs.