Pest Services

Local Pest Control Services can look after all of your pest problems!  Termites, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Australian Cockroaches, American Cockroaches, Redback Spiders, Black house Spiders, Daddy Long Legs, White Tailed, Huntsman, Brown Ants, Black Ants, Silverfish, Carpet Beatles, Wasps, Mice, Rats and other rodents, we handle it all!

Here are some of the main pests people deal with, and we service them all – but if you’re not seeing your pest problem on below, call us for a free over the phone consultation.  We have dealt with it before!


  • One phone call to Local Pest Control solved our dilemma.

    Our house was affected by a white ant problem. One phone call to Local Pest Control solved our dilemma. We recommend Local Pest Control to anyone with a similar situation.

    Mr & Mrs Hawton, Eleebana

  • I find him honest…

    Ian has been inspecting my home for White Ants for some years now. I find him honest and always willing to keep me informed with regards to what changes are available for white ant control.

    Mr. Mazratzakis, Macquarie Hills

  • We found their pricing competitive and realistic!

    Local Pest Control treated our home for Termites. The service was carried out in a professional manner with the eradication of the Termite problem to our total satisfaction. We found their pricing competitive and realistic.

    Mr & Mrs Hill, Cardiff