Are you looking for termite control in Newcastle, Maitland, and Hunter Valley? Termites are serious home destroyers. In point of fact, termite infestation can cause household damage that could run into the thousands. This is why it is essential that you protect your furniture and other wood structures at home. However, it is not easy to get rid of termites because you often won’t notice them until they have caused significant damage to your home. Nonetheless, you can still detect a termite infestation early if you become aware of these usual signs and causes.

SIGNS AND CAUSES OF HOME TERMITE INFESTATION -Tubes of mud are present on exterior walls

Termites are hard to find unless you see the signs of their infestation. Among these signs are mud tubes that can be found on the exterior of walls. When searching for food, termites build these tubes of mud on surfaces. Also, termites often hide in firewood and so be sure to store it away from the house because termites, like other common pests, survive in habitats rich of moisture. Keep an eye out for mud tubes on your firewood and you may be able to stop a termite infestation before it gets to your house.

Swarmers appear

The appearance of swarmers inside your home is a clear indication of a termite infestation. Swarmers look like winged-ants and often stay near lights and bulbs. Essentially, the swarming of these insects means that the colony of termites in your home is already growing. Swarmers are usually present at day time especially in spring and warm days.

Wood sounds hollow

The reason why termites are not visible on wood surfaces is because they hide inside it where it is humid and dark. Because your wood will remain clear and smooth on the outside, you won’t suspect that there are termites in it. Thus, it will be really hard for you to detect home termite infestation. Nonetheless, you will know that termites have invaded your household if the woods in your home sound hollow. Simply tap your wood and if the sound is hollow, your wood is being eaten by termites.

Wood paint is cracked or distorted

Though your wood may look smooth and clear, close inspection may show that its surfaces are the opposite. Check the surfaces of your wall and look at the paint. If it is cracked or distorted, it is a sign of termite infestation. Always remember that termites are just hiding in dark areas so you won’t see them. They are also going to die if they get exposed to air and sunlight.

Plumbing problems are increased

If you often encounter plumbing problems, it may be that they are caused by termites building nests around the pipes. Termites can survive in damp areas because they love moisture. This is why you always have to check all the humid areas in your home to help detect termite infestation fast.

Have you experienced any of these? If you do, then it’s best to contact your friendly Local Pest Control experts to prevent it from getting out of hand. Contact us today for pest control services in Newcastle and the nearby areas in the Hunter Valley region.